About Me

                                         Hi, friends! My name's Amanda.


                              I have a husband named Jeremy...

                                                 and two cats...

Peaches and Cappuccino
The four of us are currently on a journey to discover God's great plan for our lives. (Peaches and Cappuccino think they've already reached their full potential, but I know they still have some growing up to do...) Jeremy and I have the pleasure of working together at a residential group home, where we train and care for adult women with intellectual disabilities. Every day brings its share of challenges, but we know God is using this occupation to grow us in many ways. While we are in no hurry to have children, we believe God holds these blessings for us in the future.

When we're not working, Jeremy loves to make art. He recently wrote and illustrated a Christian gift book for teenage girls and women. It will be a great ministry tool for pastors and counselors, alike. He is currently looking for a publisher.

Along with writing this blog, my interests include loving small furry animals, shopping fair trade, supporting organizations that fight human trafficking, music, riding my bicycle, playing Bocce (Jeremy's and my new favorite sport), and spending time with family and friends, to name a few.

Well, enough about me! What about you?

Please feel free to leave your comments! :)